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The full time preacher/minister will provide spiritual leadership to the congregation by preparing sermons, teaching, preaching and leading worship services on Sunday morning and other times during the week, as applicable. The preaching and teaching will be focused on spiritual growth and building depth of Biblical knowledge and understanding with day to day practical application. He will work with the congregation leaders ( we do not currently have elders or deacons) in coordinating ministry programs, reaching out to members and supporting those in spiritual or physical need. The preacher/minister must spend time developing his own relationship with the Lord through study and prayer. He must take a lead role in discipleship. He is to be available to the congregation in and around scheduled services. He is to be involved in the lives of members and build those relationships. He must be organized and have a disciplined work ethic. The IDEAL candidate will be married with children, have a bachelor’s degree have at least 4 years experience working with with families. Interested applicants should email a resumé to:

Job Requirements

January , 2024

Selection Guidelines 

Pulpit Minister

Casa Grande church of Christ 


  1. Job description 
    1. Primary duty; full time pulpit minister – 1 Tim 4:6, 2 Tim 4:5 ,1 Cor 9:14
      1. Plan a coordinated sermon strategy 
      2. Promote a celebratory atmosphere in the assembly by working with the Worship Ministry leaders 
    2. Collateral duties
      1. Participate in evangelistic Bible studies. Coordinate such activities with the spiritual leaders of the Casa Grande congregation.
      2. Lead and participate in the creation of the weekly bulletin, make announcements, promote a positive community awareness, etc.
      3. Teach Sunday and Wednesday adult Bible classes unless otherwise assigned.
      4. Provide counseling to members as needed 
      5. Attend the monthly area preachers’ meeting if applicable.
      6. Participate in other area wide church related events 


  1. Participate in teaching & training in the qualifications for elders & deacons


  1. Qualifications 
    1. Minimum of 4 years of full-time pulpit preaching 
      1. Some experience in youth & family ministry is preferable
      2. Currently employed as a full-time pulpit minister 
    2. Evangelism
      1. Has a passion for the lost
      2. Experienced in leading evangelistic Bible studies 
    3. Education 
      1. Minimum of a college degree with a Biblical major. Graduate degree preferred or a graduate degree program is underway 
      2. A degree in another field (e.g.,  business, science) along with a certificate from an accredited preaching school is acceptable 
    4. Family
      1. Married and whose wife actively supports him and his ministry. His wife finds her own role in the church body. She may have a separate employment career
      2. If there are children, they are well-behaved and active in the church’s programs 
      3. He is an example of a loving father and husband 
    5. Doctrine and teaching 
      1. Sound in scriptural teaching and belief 
      2. Demonstrates a balanced understanding of the elder/preacher relationship and the preacher/congregation relationships 
      3. He actively seeks for unity among the leadership and church without compromising his own personal integrity or conscience – there are no hidden agendas or power politics. This is especially true of for the “hot button” type of church issues and the leadership role of the spiritual leaders and/or elders. 
      4. He is respectful of others and their opinions 
      5. He is “compelled to preach” is “ preaching and teaching” and to “do the work of an evangelist” (1 Cor 9:16, 1 Tim 4:13, 2 Tim 4:5). His ministry is not just a job, it is his life. 
      6. His sermons, lessons, and teaching meet the needs of the church 
    6. He is committed to the church family and would consider leaving only under extraordinary circumstances 
  2. Ministry development; the church in Casa Grande encourages his personal  development in such activities as;
    1. Attend lectureships
    2. Secure outside speaking engagements
    3. Pursue graduate level Bible and/or church life courses 
  3. Compensation; to be determined by his experience, education, ability, and the example of other area congregations 
















Pulpit minister selection 

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Full Time
minimum of 4 years


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