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The youth minister’s mission at East Brainerd will be to prepare our youth for a lifetime relationship

with Christ. This individual’s main concern will be leading our teenagers in spiritual and personal

development to become a Christ-like servant. The ideal candidate will have a passion for youth. He will

have the ability to build relationships easily and demonstrate evangelism through sharing God’s word.

He will lead the youth activities, outreach programs, and youth services within the church. The youth

minister will be disciplined, self-motivated, and organized, as well as possess good communication

skills, spiritual maturity, and a good understanding of the Bible. He should demonstrate Godly

character and lead by example. He should also be able to demonstrate that being a Christian at any age

is fulfilling through attitude and actions.

Some of the responsibilities are organizing, leading, and preparing the youth group activities and events.

He will also be responsible for communicating with the youth and their parents to keep them informed

of upcoming events. The youth minister needs to understand the importance of being a team player, so

he can work successfully and harmoniously with other church ministers and staff, youth deacons, and

elders. It is important to establish a consistent weekly schedule that demonstrates good time

management and to develop short- and long-term goals for the youth group.

Organization is important, as the youth minister will likely have to manage several projects at one time

but also remain adaptable and flexible in balancing priorities, including both church and personal life.


* Build relationships with students that inspires them to grow closer to God

* Work along side the Family minister to provide a cohesive connection between youth and children’s

ministry as well as equip families to provide spiritual direction at home

* Work side by side with youth ministry team to create vision and provide direction to EBY

* Plan and organize education curriculum with youth ministry team and possibly the educational


* Plan special trips for youth from the church to attend various community activities, retreats or other

gatherings away from the community. This may also include involvement in foreign mission trips.

* Oversee all aspects of youth ministry, including encouraging more youth to attend services and


* Reach out to youth, and serve as a resource for counseling or spiritual guidance.

* Initiate and organize service projects for the youth

* Initiate and organize individual and small group bible studies

Job Description

Position Title: Youth Minister Classification: Full-Time

Report To: Elders, Senior Minister, Youth


Work Schedule: M-TR 9:00-4:00 (flexible

depending on youth schedule)* Meet and coordinate with church groups, other church leaders, and parents to ensure that all needs are

being met within the youth ministry

* Teach or lead classes and devotionals on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights as

determined by the youth ministers during monthly/quarterly calendar planning

* Manage the youth budget efficiently.

* Maintain and manage consistent office hours. Communicate your schedule with the office staff

* Arrive to work, meetings, appointments, and other work-related functions on time and as scheduled

* Lead, teach, train small group leaders to effectively lead teens.

* Hire, equip and mentor summer interns

* Help students transition into EBY from 6th grade and out of EBY into college ministry

* Participate in mentoring college freshmen


• Visit youth outside of church (i.e. School ballgames, Graduations, Hospital, etc.)

• Work with other ministers and staff to coordinate spiritual church growth.

• Attend weekly staff meetings to communicate activities and events.

• Serve as focal point for all communications between the youth and Elders/Youth Deacons.

Job Requirements

1. Christ-like Servant Attitude

2. Strong Bible Background with a Degree in Bible or Youth Ministry preferred. (The formal

education requirement depends upon experience and demonstration of Bible knowledge and


3. Minimum of 3 years Youth ministry experience is preferred.

4. Ability to use computer/phone applications and programs for marketing, messaging, and

promotion of youth activities and events.

5. Demonstrate effective verbal, written, and communication skills.

6. A passion working with youth.

Job Benefits

1. Annual Salary (based on experience)

2. Paid Youth Ministry Conferences up to $1500 per year

3. Paid vacation (# of Days depend on years of service) and 10 Holidays annually

4. Partial Reimbursement of Health Insurance (discussed at time of hire)

5. 401(k) match up to 3% of salary after first year

Application Information

Contact Sean White - Family Minister



Job Details
East Brainerd Church of Christ
Full Time
Based on Experience
Minimum of 3 Years


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