Full-time Pulpit Minister

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Full-time preacher in an established congregation of around 100 members.

Job Requirements

Full-time preaching on Sunday.  Wednesday night mid-week bible study.  Personal evangelism, community outreach, encouraging spiritual growth of congregation as a whole and working with the elders to minister to members of the congregation as needed.  Personal visits at home and hospitals for members and their families as well.  We do hope to grow in numbers post-COVID.

Job Benefits

Flexible vacation (with elder approval), early or late week day off since you will be working on Sunday.  Working with seasoned elders to minister to the congregation.

Application Information

Please send inquiries/resumes to Doug Azwell (on of the elders) @ dougazwell@gmail.com 

Job Details
Overland Church of Christ
Full Time
$50-70K/year (on basis of experience and other factors)
10-20 years preferred


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