Children's / Family Minister

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Primary Objective

To create and sustain an environment that facilitates and nurtures the spiritual growth of Broadway children and families.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Develop and lead a team of adults who collaborate in growing and shaping the Broadway children's ministry.
  2. Develop a vision for Broadway children's ministry that aligns with the values of the church.
  3. Work closely with the Broadway Youth Ministry to create and maintain a coherent and intentional ministry plan that allows children to spiritually develop from birth through high school graduation.
  4. Lead all efforts in growing, training, and nurturing a volunteer base.
  5. Manage the selection and development of curriculum for each Children’s Ministry environment — ie Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes, Kid Connection, and other  children's ministry events.
  6. Develop systems and processes to ensure all Bible classes and ministry events are equipped with all necessary materials and volunteers.
  7. Communicate regularly with parents and children to develop relationships and ensure all ministry families stay up to date on the latest news, needs and upcoming events.
  8. Work closely with parents to encourage and equip them as they are the main influence of spiritual formation on their children.
  9. Ensure all volunteers and ministry activities adhere to the Child Safety Policies.
  10. Collaborate with the Preaching Minister and other church staff on intergenerational ministry opportunities

Application Information

If interested, please contact the Preaching Minister, Karl Ihfe, at

Job Details
Broadway Church of Christ
Full Time
4+ years of work experience leading a Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, or a related Next Generation Ministry


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